Above All

Southend, Essex


Born in Winter 1993, Above All were formed from the ashes of Southend hardcore group Stand Off. Armed with an agenda to combine the musical elements of both hardcore and metal the newly formed outfit blended discordant heaviness, power, and metallic groove. After playing their own live shows regularly in and around London, and successfully supporting the likes of Life Of Agony, Madball, Earth Crisis, and Fear Factory throughout the UK, the group quickly gained a reputation for delivering a brutal and intense live set. The ‘Blood Of Ages’ 7’’ single was released by Sure Hand records in 1995 to great acclaim, demonstrating the bands fusion of metallic riffs and screaming vocals, proving the band’s song writing abilites had moved on considerably from their first demo. A recording contract with Roadrunner Records swiftly followed. Hitting the road throughout 1995 the band continued to harness their metallic sound, playing to a mixture of hardcore and metal crowds, and performing alongside such luminaries as Shelter, Civ, 108, and Into Another amongst others. A Co-headlining tour with Swedish metallers Face Down coincided with Above All’s debut album ‘Domain’ being released on the 7th May 1996, followed by a European tour billed as special guests to Pitchshifter. On return, bass player Hallam Foster left to pursue other interests, and former Beacon bassist Dan Cater joined as his replacement. The band continued to play shows throughout the UK but unfortunately found themselves in a increasingly difficult position with their label Roadrunner, who had showed little or no interest in supporting the band develop and increase their fanbase, shortly after Above All and Roadrunner parted ways. The band then added the services of second guitarist Dan Stewart to the ranks, another former member of the band Beacon to bolster their already more metallic brutal sound. The band recorded their last 5 song demo not long shortly after but sadly due to the increasingly jaded and frustrated mood of the long term members of the band, Above All decide to call it a day and disband in the summer of 1997 and played their last show at the Esplanade, Southend On Sea……..

Current Members

Vocals: Tony Maddocks

Guitar: Ben Doyle

Drums: Mark Harpley

Bass: Dan Carter

Guitar: Daniel Stewart


Bass: Hallam Foster (1993-1996)

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